June 18th, 2023

June 18th, 2023

First off, hi!
   Welcome to the OFFICIAL REBRAND of our site. For those who are just finding us for the first time, welcome, and for those who have been with us since day one, welcome as well!

   To get things out of the way we are diving right on in to what's new and what happened. To our new viewers and customers, we use to be called "Hearth and Home Body-care", but what did that mean exactly? Well when we first changed our name over to Hearth and Home we wanted to base the company around comfort in bath and body. What better way to do that then have a logo geared towards the greek goddess Hestia, who was the goddess of literal hearth and home. It was her job to make sure the flame in Mount Olympus was always lit and burning, and to ensure each home in the mortal world was warm and comforting. We thought we nailed it! Until...we were proven otherwise. 
   Cue our new team member! (Who we will go into detail shortly) Kiah! Our business and marketing guru! She took a liking to us, we took a liking to her, and she sat us down in a presentation detailing what works and what doesn't work from a business stand point! The main thing she pointed out was the name. That's right, when we thought we nailed it, we were blinded by thinking something was working when in fact it wasn't. We asked many of our customers what they thought of our name after to get proper feedback, and all of them were actually in unison when saying that our company name was rather not fitting to what we were bringing, and was often hard to remember due to the word "hearth" being dangerously close to "heart" for spelling purposes
   After a couple more long meetings we finally were able to grasp at what our brand is, which, is classic bath and body care products with personality. Using natural ingredients with classic techniques, but adding our flare to it. A one stop bathing apothecary shop! Thus, the name "The Rustic Tub" came into fruition. We hopped so fast on our rebranded name that we figuratively ran to the registration sites and got it up and loaded so fast to be a registered business finally! Now, we are finally in the midst of our rebrand slowly yet quickly working as fast as possible to get everything over in our new packaging and branding to share onto the world!

An old calw foot bath tub is sketched against a rustic background with bubbles over flowing the tub.

   As we said in our last little blurb, Kiah is our marketing and business advisor. She is a fellow enterpreneur with a cleaning company, a landlord, and an advisor to a real estate mogul in apartment constructions and design details. When there is a "Jack of all Trades" and a true master of it all, it's her! We clicked right away when we had our very first meeting with her, and as a small business she gets what it is to be essentially new and fresh to the scene, hence why we brought her on board with her knowledge and insights cause she offers something we may blindly look over. We are so excited to have her on our team and we look forward to what we can do with her by our sides!

   Following that wonderful novel of our rebrand we do have other news to share from this past week as well. 
   We recently launched a brand new soap, made with EO (Essential Oils) and Fragrance, we are proud to bring out and launch our new "Cracked Lime Poppyseed" soap! This beauty soap is our first exfoliating bar of soap and is scented with limes, and black pepper. It is fresh with a kick of spice for those daring to try something new.
   During a market a couple weeks ago in Burnaby BC, we met a man who owned a soap shop in the heart of Granville Island who invited us to stop by and bring some of our products. This past Thursday we did just that and met the other owner. After a good long meeting (I don't actually know how long it was) they ended up ordering our first HUGE wholesale supply order. Now we have done wholesale in the past, and it was often one time orders, and large amounts for holiday give aways, but this is the first official ongoing one that is going to carry through with our company and to say we are ecstatic is an understatement. We cannot wait to grow with the Granville Island community now with our brand reaching out!

a new soap is gently piled together surrounded by lemons and foliage.

   We are nearing the end of our weekly blog post, so thank you for still reading alongside! Was awhile to get here but we got there! This is a new little section we will be including every single week for anyone wanting to find us and what markets we will be at!
   So where are we this week?
   Thursday June 22nd  - New West Farmers Market
   Saturday June 24th   - Burnaby Deer Lake Farmers Market
                                     - Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival
   Sunday June 25th     - White Rock Farmers Market
                                     - Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, and until next week, enjoy!
The Rustic Tub


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