July 3rd, 2023

July 3rd, 2023

  This weeks blog might be a tad shorter than our regular blogs as it was a standard catch up to our workload week for us! 
  Normally what our Mondays look like for us is a morning meeting to go over our numbers, what our top sellers were from the previous week at markets, and what our projected goals are through the week. Since we were full blown into our whole sale order with making our products, that was our focal point to finish through the week. 2 soaps a day, some double batched, as long as playing catch up with a massive amount of bath bombs, we soon realized that we needed more labels since our rebrand has taken off!


We have completed our first official week as "The Rustic Tub" and we couldn't be happier! Sure at first it was a giant leap to switch everything over, but after talking to our regular customers at our markets, they were thrilled at the changes that were made, and our new customers now were more than welcoming to our brand saying how it seemed flawless and well put together. 
From a personal standpoint it actually made us feel like we are finally on the best trajectory we can be on for our business and see it grow! 

This portion is going to be VERY short as we are still updating our website to where it needs to be from our rebrand, and each day is a new edit and look over to adding, and or changing items for the site!

Join us this upcoming week as we add a new market to our roster for the months of July and August!
Thursday July 6th - New Westminster Farmer's Market
Friday July 7th - Fort Langley Night Market
Saturday July 8th - Fort Langley Farmers Market
Sunday July 9th - White Rock Farmers Market

Once again thank you for you continued support and hope to see you all soon!

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