July 10th, 2023

July 10th, 2023

Another week has gone by, and another week is ahead! Welcome to our weekly blog review of what we did, where we were, and where are we going to be! This past week has kicked us into full drive within our summer markets which now puts us at 4 markets a week on average. 
 With out further ado, lets play some catch up!

  This past week brought us into our full summer time schedule. What that means from our end is that we are on average attending 4 markets per week now starting from Thursday and going to Sunday. For us it is a great way to be outdoors and meet people and enjoy summer while working, but behind the scenes it means we have some very panicked nights working on our products.
  We don't ever see that as a bad thing because if we are making stuff to replenish our stock then we are doing something right! I will say though, after our market on Sunday at White Rock, I did come home and decided to lay down for a couple minutes and ended up having a good 2 hours nap...woops. 
  Starting on Thursday we attended the New West Farmers Market. We consider this market our ease into the weekend. The best thing about the market being on a Thursday is that it's fairly easy going, never too crowded and is a relaxing time for the most part, and generally very easy going. Jumping into Friday we did our Fort Langley Night Market which is to us, our bread and butter. We did this market last year and doing it this year brings us such happiness. They've included a lot more vendors this time around, but the crowd and people are truly what make this market amazing, and everyone who is there is there to have a good time, and they always show amazing support. Naturally as well we aren't the only bath and body care vendors there, but the love and support we have received in week one already has made us feel amazing and correct in our path! Moving onto Sunday, we can never go wrong with White Rock and since it's a shorter day of a market we still have the rest of the day to celebrate...which I did by napping apparently!
  Sadly we had to cancel our day on Saturday but for very good reason! Previously mentioned in one of our last posts, we had signed a wholesale deal with Granville Island Soap Gallery. for us this is huge as they've been in the game for years and know what they are doing. We ended up staying up late Friday night to finish the order and get it all good and ready for the next day. Saturday morning came around and we shipped out to hand deliver all 200 BARS OF SOAP to the store. One of the owners who we have been talking with is absolutely amazing and so kind, and the second we dropped off the soap, there already was another order. Same order but this time MORE! I mean this makes us very excited right off the bat to keep going, and definitely helps to kick me into gear with a good scheduling processing time of making everything!

  As always we leave this option open for anything new on the website that's been updated or news worthy of sharing. We have actually launched an online sale currently, our SUMMER SALE! 
  For the month of July we are making EVERYTHING in our online store 20% off, with a flat rate fee for shipping of $10. For those in Canada we all know shipping isn't the most fun to be a part of which is why we wanted to make it super cheap to ship out this time, and enjoy it! 

   This week, we will be at the following locations!
Thursday  July 13th - New West Farmers Market
Friday July 14th       - Fort Langley Night Market
Saturday July 15th  - Burnaby Farmers Market
                                - New West Uptown Live
Sunday July 16th     - White Rock Farmers Market

Until next week, if we don't see you at one of our markets, enjoy the week!
The Rustic Tub

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